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Pet Policy

We love dogs, and allow small (under 50 pounds), well behaved, housebroken dogs in some rooms for an additional fee. We also allow larger service dogs that are assisting vision impaired customers.

1. There is a grassy area on the north side of the motel where you can exercise your dog. Please clean up after it.

2. We do not allow cats, birds, rodents, snakes or non-domesticated animals in our rooms.

3. No barking. This is a family motel, not a kennel.

4. If you leave your dog in your room, it must be in a cage. Our housekeepers don’t like dogbites, and bored dogs often tear up pillows, etc.

5. We charge $5/day/dog for reported dogs. If you try to sneak one in, you will find an extra $100 charge on your credit card statement.

6. If you dog escapes and is captured by animal control, they will require proof of current rabies vaccination.

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